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Store Policy

Our Practices

We are dedicated to raising our sheep and goats in a clean and low-stress environment. Through rotational grazing and a wholesome diet of locally and regionally grown and produced hay and feed, we feel that our animals receive the best nutrition available. The beef we sell is raised by a neighboring farm (and lifetime friend). All of our animals receive grain and hay every day.

Privacy & Safety

All of our meats are butchered at Archer's Meats in Greenwood, IN. They were established in 1966 and are HACCP compliant and State of Indiana Inspected

Wholesale Inquiries

If you would like to carry our meats please contact us at 812-350-0100 or We would love to work with you to expand our availability.

Custom Orders

If you do not see a cut available in our online store please let us know and we can request the special cut during our next butcher date.

Payment Methods 

- Cash or Check

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Venmo

- PayPal

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