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Homemade Lamb Walker

This spring we will begin our second year of sheep showing. Last year we had a lot of fun watching the girls gain confidence and new friends. We also learned that there is a big difference between raising sheep for the market and raising successful show sheep.

This year, we plan to build a lamb walker (similar to the equipment people exercise horses with) to help exercise the show sheep.

The girls were excited to tear apart the John Deere 110 lawn mower donated by aunt and uncle Bonnie and Greg Burbrink.

David and Paige's Dad Tony Harden will use the transmission and frame from the mower as a starting point for the lamb walker. David and Tony both enjoy this opportunity to teach the girls that you don't always have to buy something, sometimes you can build and reuse things to achieve the same outcome. It is also a good chance to teach them how to use tools.

Check back in for updates on the walker progress and to see this year's line up of show sheep.

Below is the diagram David used to explain his idea of how he will build the walker.

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